All students wear a Choi Kwang Do uniform – Do-Bok. We also sell t-shirts to wear to class in place of the Do-Bok jacket, but full uniform must be worn to Gradings and official events. Similarly, students must wear their belt to class.

Uniforms are provided as part of our sign-up package and instructors will teach you how to fasten your belt properly.

It is important that  uniform is kept clean and tidy in order to show the appropriate level of respect.

No – Choi Kwang Do is progressive in learning and the required level of fitness and flexibility will come as you train. Our training is based on individual needs, capabilities , skill level and age.  This is a non-competitive Martial Art and it is a journey of self-improvment and personal development.  any fitness level is absolutely fine for you to take the first step!


As Choi Kwang do is based on natural, sequential movements, no excess strain is placed on joints and so it can actually work well as part of a rehabilitation programme. As long as instructors are aware of any injuries in advance, we can always adapt or tailor our drills to suit your specific needs.


We recommend that students attend twice a week in order to make good progression and to help develop muscle memory. However, we also have students who love their training and attend up to four times a week!

Absolutely not – Choi Kwang Do promotes non-violent resolutions to conflict. Children are Adults are taught to recognise and avoid potentially dangerous situations primarily and only to use their martial arts’ skills if there is no other option. This is even something which is said in the promise and pledge at the beginning and end of every class and which is re-enforced regularly during our pre and post training mat chats.  Training in Choi Kwang do actually helps tudents to be more mindufl and to develop greater self-control and impulse regulation too, so it actively reduces unnecessary violent responses.


Our Family Membership Package is for up to 4 Family Members. We encourage family members to train together in our weekly Family Training Session and then for Adults/Kids to train in one other additional age-appropriate session throughout the week.  This enables the family to grow and blossom together in their CKD journey, but also gives an opportunity for independant growth for the children and some time for parents to focus on themselves and their own progression

We do not sign students up to long-term contracts but rather run our membership on a rolling monthly basis.  Fees are taken monthly, by direct debit and membership can be cancelled with a month's notice period

There is only one other Equipment requirement for students throughout the duration of membership and that is safety protection gear for the hands and feet.  We do not, however, require students to buy this upon enrolment and can always adjust drills in the absence of this.  In previous times, pre-Covid we would always be happy to lend equipment to Students pre-Yellow Belt for them to use in class and hope to be able to resume this service in the future.

Students are continuously monitored in class and have their progress assessed and managed by the Instructor Team.  When a student has attended the required number of classes, the Team then consider their prgoress to see whether they are eligible/ready to test.  Those who are ready and have made progress in line with their personal capabilities and the demands of their specific Belt Rank, will be invited to test.  We hold Gradings 6 times a year in our normal schedule, with an additional Summer Grading for students attending additional classes in the Holiday Period. 

All students who enrol in our school are given access to our School's App.  This contains training and curriculum videos to support them and to give them additional tuition outside of class.  We have a robust and well-planned personal development curriculum - in both our Kids and Adults Classes - and with this comes additional material, homwork and optional take home exercises which most students find extremely valuable.  Most importantly, we also have a supportive and approachable Team who are always ready to help students with any challenges that they may be facing inside or outside of the Dojahng.

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