At Reflect Choi Kwang Do our goal is to create a safe and encouraging environment where teenagers can learn self-defence, self-discipline and develop confidence in a positive, healthy environment. 

Our classes are an excellent way for teens to be part of a supportive community of peers who share similar goals, outlooks and standards.  By expanding their network with positive influences they’ll be able to maintain accountability and increase their social skills. Not only this – our effective Teens Martial Arts’ Program will also tone, condition and strengthen the body from head to toe. 

Choi Kwang Do is the perfect activity to support students when academic work becomes more demanding.  Not only does it provide essential skills, it is also a great way of releasing stress in a structured format.  The integrated, cross-lateral movements of the Art also enhance learning and retention and can be a great way to create a rounded, holistic lifestyle for teens and young adults.

Choi Kwang Do is a self-defence system that uses the natural mechanics of the body; sequential movement helps to  transfer energy, naturally, and allows muscle groups to work intricately together to produce the most effective and powerful movements. At Reflect Choi Kwang Do you will be using movement patterns and drills that utilise both sides of the body equally so that balanced development is achieved.  This happens automatically while practicing enjoyable techniques that progressively strengthen your tendons and ligaments, simultaneously avoiding any chance of injury.

As you learn to protect yourself, you’ll be enhancing your health and enriching your mind!

As an Teenager at Reflect Choi Kwang Do, you will experience a high level of personal attention, designed to not only impart the fundamental Choi Kwang Do skills, but also work on specific areas that you would like to focus on. If you want to lose weight, tone up your body, or learn how to deal with bullies, this state-of-the-art  Martial Arts’ Program will give you the energy, focus and motivation to achieve your goals. If you would like to read more about the benefits click here

Our non-competitive program allows students to continually develop, not alone but with each other, and offers something new and challenging to learn, experience and enjoy as part of a supportive community.


Choi Kwang Do is made up of nine syllabus components . All of our classes begin with reciting the Pledge and Principles and a ‘silent sit’  – Mukyum – to prepare the mind for training. After this we carry out a thorough warm-up to avoid injury before moving onto specific drills. In class we cover hand/foot techniques, patterns, offence drills/ PACE training, impact training and fitness exercises before finishing off the session with a cool down. 

To learn more about the Pledges and Principles applied to a Teens Martial Arts’ Class click here


Days and Locations:

Tuesdays & Thursdays – Sports Hall, Charing Cross Sports club, Aspenlea Road, Hammersmith, W6 8LH
Wednesdays – Studio 1, Nuffield Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Gym, Stevenage Road, Fulham, SW6 6PF
Fridays – St Paul’s CE Primary School, Worlidge Street, Hammersmith, W6 9BP

Class Times
7- 14 Years: 5pm – 6pm
15+/Adults: 6pm – 7pm

Family Class: 5.30pm – 6.30pm
Adults: 6.30pm – 7.30pm

15+/Adults: 6:15pm-7:15pm

7 – 14 year olds – Beginners- Intermediate : 5pm – 6pm
7-14 year olds – Intermediate – Advanced: 6pm  -7pm
15+/Adults: 7pm – 8pm

With students travelling in from other areas including Acton, Fulham, Putney, Barnes, Shepherds Bush, Brook Green, Parsons Green and Kensington, we have a broad base of students which helps create a dynamic training environment.

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