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Choi Kwang Do is a modern, scientific martial art.  Choi Kwang Do’s natural, sequential movements maximise your body’s force-producing capabilities but, more importantly, they increase opportunities to enhance your health.


Choi Kwang Do has everything; it’s made up of 10 components each covering a very important area of development.


With Classes for all ages and abilities, Choi Kwang Do is meant for all, both adults and children alike, who want to learn real-life, practical self-defence skills and achieve a greater level of health and well-being. Choi Kwang Do is a revolutionary martial art, applying the basic principles of science. This martial art has been proven to lower the risk of injury, generate self-awareness and promote longevity. At Reflect Choi Kwang Do we run Kids' Martial Arts Classes, Family Martial Arts Classes and Adult Martial Arts Classes at 3 locations in Hammersmith with students coming from the local areas of Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea.


Want your kids to develop a strong, fit body, as well as a moral compass? Think Choi Kwang Do!


At Reflect CKD, your child will have fun learning something new, develop essential life skills and build character, PLUS get in the best physical, mental and spiritual shape of their life!


If you’re searching for an efficient, easy-to-learn self defence program with a spotlight on fitness, health and well being, look no further!


A great activity for families  – a chance to learn and grow together with all family members being able to experience the full benefits of the programme. 




Self confidence is just like your body – it needs to be exercised and developed for it to become strong and fit. This happens over time with each small success you make in your training, making it possible to achieve bigger and better things. With each small success your self confidence grows.

Mental Wellbeing

Choi Kwang Do is a great way to work on your mental health. Emphasising a mindul approach to training allows students ot be preset and 'in the moment' in class which, in turn, requires taking a break away from the daily 'grind'. Choi Kwang Do is holistic in nature and couples its physical training with a focus on character development. The nature of the 'community' in which we train also means that student are able to focus on their own personal progress, but also to feel supported as part of a group of like-minded individuals.


CKD’s unique system is based on using the body’s natural movement, with bio-mechanical techniques making the most of body weight and follow-through to achieve the required impact. Physics proves that the speed of a punch or kick quadruples the ‘impact shock’ on contact – in essence, speed generates power. In CKD, whatever your size, you will become fast and very powerful.


Choi Kwang Do combines yoga-based stretching with a high-aerobic workout that uses every muscle group in the body. Your stamina, muscle tone, flexibility, balance and strength will all improve through CKD.


Do you have difficulty getting into a routine? Forming good eating habits? Exercising regularly?
Are you looking after your Mental Health and Wellbeing?

Join Reflect CKD and learn to discipline yourself in the company of other, like-minded people in a fun way! The practice of Martial Arts, enthuses a strong sense of discipline that carries over into the rest of your life. In a supportive environment, you are pushed to fulfil your potential and thrive. You are encouraged to face, and work upon, the challenges you would otherwise comfortably avoid. Martial Artists develop a strong sense of self-respect and respect towards others. Martial Arts training teaches you to avoid threatening situations and a good martial artist is not someone who beats every other person down, but one who does not get into a fight at all. Martial Arts teach a lot beside just the physical aspects of a fight. The physical aspect, in fact, is always a last resort. In the long run, training in Martial Arts builds character. Regular training gives you confidence and a sense of calm that you can enjoy in all aspects of your life. This, I think, is the real benefit of Martial Arts Training. All members of the Reflect Team are welcoming and approachable, and they invest their time to ensure that students reach their full potential. Our classes provide support and encouragement, and help students of all ages develop in a fun and relaxed environment. Our teachers are always on hand before and after class to discuss any concerns and feedback, and our team are available via email should you need to contact them outside of regular class time. Reflect CKD recruit and train all members of the teaching team in-house, ensuring that they understand and embody the aims/ethos of the school. All staff undergo regular DBS checks, first aid training and take part in regular training sessions.

Why is this art different?

Most Martial Arts' Styles have something to offer in the form of physical exercise, practicality and discipline. Choi Kwang do is no different in this respect.
However, each individual learning Choi Kwang do is on their own journey of improvement and personal development.; progression is highly individualised with students competing against themselves, instead of others, and working to develop at their own pace, which allows for all ages and abilities to be involved. This means that everyone can access the benefits available from Martial Arts' training.

Choi Kwang do has been specifically designed to remove locking-out motions on kicks and hyperextensions on punches that can be found in more traditional styles such as Karate, and Taekwondo, thus helping to protect joints and to minimise wear and tear. Movement is biomechanically designed to ensure that repetition (which is essential in Martial Arts' Training) isn't actually detrimental to the pracitioner as they train. This has the added benfit of meaning that students are able to continue training in Choi Kwang Do througout their whole lives, without suffering the common joint problems or injuries associated with other Arts..
We also don't have full contact 'fighting' like in MMA, rather defence drills with a focus on avoidance and effective defence techniques, rather than prolonged rounds of combat, or spend much time doing throws or ground work like in Judo or BJJ .